Milos Beaches


Milos is world-famous and beloved on account of its distinctive beaches. With more than 75 small or larger beaches, with crystal-clear waters and colorful rocks diving in the turquoise of the island, you will surely find your favorite or maybe more than one!

The pure volcanic origin of the Milos soil creates this particular and impressive morphology of the beaches of the island, but also their variety in images.

Beaches, sometimes with white and iridescent - under the light of the Greek sun - sand and sometimes with pebbles and surrounded by multicoloured -in the colors of the ores of the island- rocks (white, yellow, red or black).

Beaches, either organized and crowded or isolated and almost private, whatever you choose, it is unquestioned that they will enchant you and steal your heart with their wild and natural beauty.



Sarakiniko beach is a unique white rock beach on Milos, carved into the earth after some volcanic eruptions. Many people say that walking around Sarakiniko beach could be compared to walking on the surface of the moon. 


Firiplaka is a large beach with shallow and clear waters combined with white sand.The beach is cut in half by a huge rock which has been detached from the mountain. At the first part of the beach you will find a beach bar and sunbeds. 


Papafragas resembles a vast natural swimming pool, from the top of the rock. A tiny path leads to the narrow piece of sand that forms the beach. There are some sea caves that surround the place.


The access to Tsigrado on foot, is difficult. Yοu need to dо gοwn through a narrоw pаssage dug in thе rοсk, holding a rоpе аnd then there is a wοoden laddеr. This adventurе is not suitаble fоr kids and requires a goоd physicаl сοndition. The visit is entirеly at yоur respοnsibilitу. However you can reach Tsigrado by boat. The bеach is beаutiful with small сaves аnd blue waters. 


Firopotamos is a small village with a sandy beach surrounded by trees that also features sun beds and umbrellas. On the right side of the beach you will find "sirmata" (wires). Sirmata are small buildings, in front of the sea, with a large door where fisher boats were stored during the winter. 


Achivadolimni is an enormous, sandy beach with shallow waters stretching. The name Achivadolimni comes from the words "Achivada" which means clam in Greek and "Limni" which means lake.


Plathiena is a stunning beach near to Plaka.This beach provides a nice place to relax as it is not very crowded. There is no organization, only a mini bar.


Paliochori beach extends over almost 2km and is divided into three smaller beaches of immense volcanic rocks in different shades of red. All around the beach you will find several taverns.


Alogomandra consists of two smaller sandy beaches, separated by rocks in the shape of stockyard, which is called mandra in Greek. The beach has not any organization. There are only some trees and rocks that may offer shadow to its visitors.

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