Milos Of Our Heart


Everyone needs to pay a visit to the wonderful fishing-village of Klima



These colorful little houses were -at first- used as boat-houses and shelters for the fisherman to keep their boats in, during the winter time and protect them against the big waves.



Nowadays, most of them are used for touristic reasons, as properties for vacation rentals or an absolutely romantic and special sight-seeing.



Above the harbor of Klima, 2 kilometers from Plaka is located the ancient theatre of Milos.



It is one of the most significant archaeological findings of the island.



 It is estimated that it had a seating capacity of 7000 spectators. However, nowadays it only has a capacity of 700 spectators.



Sometimes theatrical performances and music happenings take place there.



One of the most significant places to be on Milos, is the Greek Restaurant "Methismeni Politia", in Tripiti.

No words can describe the quality of the food, the reasonable prices, the romantic scenery of the restaurant or the positive energy of the owner George and his wife, Katerina.

Everything here is handmade and cooked right on time; Greek traditional tastes and big plates are the main characteristic, fresh vegetables, tasteful  cheese and good wine. 


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